Case Studies

Our case studies provide you in-depth knowledge about the uncommon situations faced by our digital marketers, steps they took to overcome, and the end-results obtained.

Here, we have curated the best marketing case studies that really worked well and brought amazing results.

  1. On-site Retargeting
    Client faced a problem in retargeting the readers from their referral blog website to their main website. To fix this, the site placed an on-site retargeting popup on their blog posts. This made them increase their blog referral traffic by 58% and received up to 5.47% Click-Through-Rate (CTR). Moreover, 4,144+ popup impressions were generated, more than 227+ people were redirected to the main site.
  2. User Acquisition Content
    Client’s dating app leveraged user acquisition efforts that led to a 3,072% spike in weekly app installs in just 5 weeks.
  3. Usage of #Hashtags
    Client launched a social awareness initiative regarding the empowerment of women. They created a two-and-a-half-minute video with 99 high-profile women and hashtag #MyChoice. It went viral on the internet that attracted 2M+ views in two days.
  4. Social Media Walls
    Client’s has innovatively built social media walls with keyword-rich content and user-designated #hashtags. It encouraged a number of attendees from all over the world for participating in the events.
  5. Social Media Campaigns
    Client has taken an initiative called #LVNGWith exclusively for connecting lung cancer attacked people with their loved ones. People were invited to leave their answers on Facebook and Instagram for this question – How will you spend your #GiftedDay?
  6. 6-Step SEO Process
    Client’s 6-step SEO process supported the keywords to outrank global brands like Mashable, climb to better rankings on Google, generate over 152,732+ visits, drive 11,065% of recurring organic traffic in 6 months, and get many other perks.
  7. SEO Achievements at Affordable Budget
    We supported an accountancy firm that followed a basic online marketing approach. It helped in redesigning the website, researching relevant keywords, optimizing the blog content, etc.
    These effective SEO practices resulted in a 293% increase in leads, a 156% in site visitors, and a 31% in requesting for consultation.
  8. Adwords’ Quality Score
    A large number of well-established firms and ad creative regulations have reduced the quality score of InterTrader in AdWords. It negatively affected the average ad positions, impressions on search results, and Cost-Per-Click.
    We supported InterTrader in maintaining Adwords’ quality score. This resulted in improving the CTR by 0.81%, average position by 6.1%, and quality score average by 3.3%.
  9. Quality Leads
    One of the clients of MB Infosoft was mindful of driving quality leads and high revenue to its website through PPC advertising campaigns.
    With the effective use of AdWords, Infosoft could bring amazing results to its client’s website at the end of four-months campaign optimization. It increased the total number of branded leads by 85.71% and decreased the overall Cost-Per-Click (CPC) by 45.02%.

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Digital marketing case studies are useful for you in making the right marketing decisions. If you like to learn about the performance of a digital marketer, case studies will greatly help you!

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