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If you prefer to have a cheap email hosting services with superior quality then you can easily get it at MB INFOSOFT in best possible manner. We offer packages for email hosting services which consist of IMAP, SMTP, POP3 and webmail access. All the packages are affordable and posses high quality of email hosting services. We also know that every business firm has a different requirement according to their business size.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Email Hosting Services

Do your email hosting support multiple domains?

Yes, you can host additional domains as alias. But Alias don’t mean separate ac but that do mean 2 domains’ same named email ids opened from same 1 mailbox. For e.g. you have purchased email hosting for xyz.com and your email id created by you is somename@xyz.com now if you added abc.com as domain alias then somename@abc.com mails will be also delivered to same mailbox of somename@xyz.com. So this is the use and purpose of email hosting domain alias feature to have 2 domains having same email ids working but from one mailbox.

How much mail storage do we get with business email packages?

That actually depends on which email hosting package you have purchased. At present we are offering 5 different email hosting packages as mentioned above.

Can I get bulk order discount?

Yes, if you are willing to order more than 20 Mailboxes then please contact us via email at support@mbinfosoft.com or via Live Chat or via phone at 0091 7008251712 by understanding your requirements we will check and see what best bulk discount we can offer but such custom quotes are possible only if you want to order more than 100 Mailboxes.

Where is your business email hosting servers located?

To have best and reliable uptime and network for our email hosting packages we have our servers located at World’s top 10 data centres only. Present location of mail server is North America and our mail server backups are stored in France Server location.

What devices or software are supported with your business email hosting india plans?

With our business email hosting india plans we offer Pop3, IMAP, SMTP, Webmail & Mobile Webmail features to access the mail server, So any Apple, iPhone, Smart Phone, Windows Phone, Outlook or any device or software which works with pop3/imap/smtp is supported on our email hosting server. Further if your mobile don’t have pop3/imap and having only web browser then also we have mobile webmail feature for you to access mails.

Which Protocol are used for Sync (IMAP/MAPI/Active Sync)?

At present to offer cheap email hosting india services and to manage price points at cheapest possible, we do offer Pop3, IMAP, SMTP Protocols on our mail server. If you need Active Sync or MAPI must for you then you can contact us at support@mbinfosoft.com or 0091 7008251712 and we can provide you custom quote for the same. Please note that Active Sync / MAPI will increase the cost of mail server significantly.

Does Sync happen Automatically? Or User need to do Send/Receive?

You can setup your device to sync every minute to get that fastest possible sync possible that depends on your Mail Client’s software settings.

Read Status of Email get Synced over Multiple Device?

All features of IMAP will be features here too. If you configure our all devices over IMAP and you read any mail then it shall be marked as READ on all of your devices and webmail as soon as they are synced next time this is basically a feature of IMAP and we already have IMAP supported on our mail server.

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